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 Hotel Açores Atlântico at Ponta Delgada, Azores, Portugal


Key Dates:

  • Abstract submission deadline: 30 June 2016
  • Abstract acceptance information: 15 July 2016
  • Early-bird registration deadline: 15 July 2016
  • Conference days: 12 - 15, September 2015


Gala Dinner:


Field Trip (15 September): - Full Day Lagoa do Fogo and Furnas

Departure from the Hotel at 09:00, this tour will drive by the city of Lagoa, on the south side of the island, to Lagoa do Fogo situated on Barrosa Mountain. We will stop on the top of the mountain to enjoy the view. The tour will continue to drive down to the north side of the island, until we will arrive at the main viewpoint overlooking Lagoa do Fogo and stop to admire not only the beautiful and quiet lake but also the landscape of its surroundings. 

The tour will then drive onwards, down to the city of Ribeira Grande, on the water front and which happens to have the greatest number of buildings with baroque architecture from the XVII and XVIII centuries on the island of São Miguel. A stop in the city center for a short break is the next highlight of the tour.

After the short stop, the drive will continue, on the north side of the island until we reach the Belvedere of Santa Iria, from where we can view a great extension of the north coast with its cliffs and indentations. The view from Santa Iria offers quite an interesting perspective of the landscape of the northern coastline of São Miguel. Next, and still on the north side of the island, the tour continues to the Tea Plantations, at Gorreana. The tour will stop here so that we can see the tea bushes, on terraces as well to visit the oldest tea factory on the island, which has been in production since 1883. After this visit, the tour will drive through Achada das Furnas, a plateau full of pastures; until we reach the Belvedere of Pico do Ferro. From this lookout point, we can observe the biggest and oldest volcanic crater on the island, at the bottom of which lies Furnas Lake as well as its thermal springs and fumaroles within what is known as Furnas Valley. This valley is one of the richest mineral water centres of the world, with about 22 different kinds of mineral-medicinal waters. The tour will descend to Furnas valley where lunch will be served. 

After lunch, the tour continues and includes a short trip through the beautiful and Romantic Park of Terra Nostra where we will see a thermal pool nestled in a luxurious botanic garden. The tour continues in the Furnas valley, allowing the opportunity to admire the “Caldeiras” (sulfataras), which are an excellent and singular example of one of the world’s very singular volcanic phenomena and the most important of its kind in the Azores. The return to Ponta Delgada will be along the south coast, to Vila Franca do Campo (the first capital of the island) where a short stop will be made. The drive back will continue along the south coast, driving by Agua D’Alto and Populo beaches. Estimated time of arrival at Ponta Delgada is at 17h30.